Vikki Carr

Having worked in western health care for a decade I began to practise the yoga and massage I had learned for personal development with the public. I've now studied in the UK (Swedish massage), India (Yoga, Massage and Ayurvedic medicine) and Thailand (Thai massage).

I love working in mental health and social care settings and now I'm qualifying as an Integrative Therapist registered with the British Association for Counselling.

I'm a long term student of Shri Kali Ashram and these studies in the traditional view of the world, health, people and existence permeate everything I practise. This view means people to me are innately whole and blissful but might need a little help to reset. I favour the systems view over a mechanistic one. In practical terms means if you come with a headache - I will massage your head but I might also massage your hands and feet.

Therapies Offered

Swedish Massage: based on the western system of massage, relaxing or deep problem focused work.

Thai Massage: based on traditional medicine, on the floor with deep pressure points and stretches.

Thai Fusion: on the table with oil like Swedish with some Thai pressure points, stretching or joint mobilisation - the most popular treatment I practise.

Tantra Yoga 121: based on Indian medicine, similar to a restorative

Hatha Yoga Practise: meditative and restful - suitable for beginners.

Stress Reduction Coaching: drawing from many systems of health, a practical, brief intervention.

Counselling: (available from summer 2017) Integrative Therapy influenced by Classical Vedic Tantra, grounded in empirically supported frameworks for treating modern mental health issues.

£40 an hour, £60 for 90 mins, £80 for 2 hours. Some off peak/concession places available. Block discount available on a regular course of treatments.

To book an appointment or for general enquiries call 0782 880 7526.

You can also visit my website at