Natural Therapies

Reiki 30mins £18
60mins £34

An ancient system of hands on healing, helps the bodies energies to rebalance by working on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Performed fully clothed.

Crystal Therapy 30mins £18
60mins £34

Uses natural energy from crystals to draw out, transform and heal blockages. Performed fully clothed.

Colour Therapy 60mins £34

Aims to balance and enhance the energy centres of the body by using the seven colours of the light spectrum. Subtle and gentle yet transformative.

Reflexology 30mins £18
60mins £34

Reflexology is an ancient therapy which is based on the principle that areas of the feet (reflexes) relate to all organs, tissues and structure of the body and pressures and techniques used on these reflexes can affect corresponding areas in the body, restoring balance and encouraging the body to heal itself.

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