Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage 30mins £20
45mins £29
60mins £38

Rhythmic deep pressure warms and stretches the muscle. Both relaxing and rejuvenating.

Therapeutic Massage 30mins £20
45mins £29
60mins £38

Works deep into the muscle, concentrating on areas where you are most affected by tension e.g. neck or shoulders. Relieves pain, stiffness and knots.

Relaxing Massage 30mins £20
45mins £29
60mins £38

Calm down and unwind with a luxuriously slow and rhythmic massage to comfort and soothe.

Indian Head Massage 45mins £28

Massage of the head, neck, upper back and face. Eases headaches, migraine, eyestrain and sinus congestion.

Sinus Steam Massage 30mins £22

Face, neck, shoulders and scalp massage using steam and decongestant oils to ease sinus congestion.

Hot Stones Massage 30mins £22
60mins £44

Deeply relaxing as heated volcanic stone dissolves layers of tension.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 60mins £38

Aims to improve the flow of lymph, improving elimination of waste products from the body. It's a gentle and relaxing treatment performed over close fitting clothing.

Coconut Dream 75mins £46

Luxury treatment to improve skin and hair condition. Body brushing exfoliates the skin and aids circulation, hot jasmine towels cleanse and open the pores, followed by a full body, face and scalp massage with organic coconut oil.

Foot and Leg Massage 20mins £15

Aching feet and calves are massaged with a cooling peppermint lotion leaving tired legs and feet soothed and revitalised.

Colonic Detox Massage 20mins £15
Course of 6 £80

A massage of the abdominal area to help improve colon function, eliminate blockages and toxins. Helps ease Irritable Bowel Syndrome and bloating.

Zen Shiatzu 60mins £40
(follow up appointment) 30mins £25

An alternative therapy consisting of finger and palm pressure, stretches and other massage techniques.

Calming Hand and Foot Massage60mins£40

Choose from Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood and Rosemary oils.

Refreshing Hand and Foot Massage60mins£40

Choose from Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin and Cypress oils.

Each of these therapies and different oils can be combined to suit each client. Book three treatments and receive a fourth treatment free (applies to calming hand and foot massage and refreshing hand and foot massage only).

Massage therapy received on a regular basis will help you to cope with the stresses and strains of daily life and enable you to recreate your natural inner balance of harmony and tranquility.

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